How much does a web site cost?
There are quite a few factors that are going to affect the ultimate cost of your web site. These factors include how many pages you are going to have, if you will sell products on your website, the graphic work involved, and how interactive your future web site will be. You will also need web hosting and domain name registration.

Do I need to hire a "local" web site designer?
We create web sites for clients who are local as well as out of state. By using the Internet, email and the telephone, it is possible to communicate effectively with clients in any location.

How long does it take to have a web site designed?
The time frame is determined by the size of your web site, the complexity of your site design, and our current client design schedule. Usually around 3 weeks.

Can I choose you to design my site and use my own web hosting?
Yes. But you will benefit by using our fantastic and reliable web hosting services.

I want to create a blog site - can you help?
Yes, we can. We specialise in all types of websites. Blog sites are among many that we can design and create for you. Contact us to get more information. Send Email

Do you offer Wordpress Theme modifications?
Yes, we do. We will modify your blog site to suit exacly what you want. Contact us today! Send Email

Do you offer Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?
Yes, we do. Contact us with your requirements. Send Email

What is site maintenance?
Maintenance is a fee paid monthly to keep your site updated with new content that you provide. Most good web sites have new content updated regularly. Fresh content is what will keep your visitors coming back.

Do you offer any type of discounts?
Yes, we offer discounts. Please keep visiting our website for updated promotional discount coupon releases.

Why can't I find my web site in the search engines?
Once your site has been submitted to the top Search Engines they may require several weeks, or even months to actually spider and list your web site in their directory. How fast your site is listed depends on each individual Search Engines database update schedule. Watch your server traffic logs for visiting spiders.

Web Site Content - What Do I Put On My Site?
That would depend on the goals of your web site. If you run a business website you would include as much information about your products or services that your customers would need to purchase from you.


I've made my decision - I want you to design my web site. Now what do I do?
If you have decided you want a web site or have any questions, simply contact us today! Send Email
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