Sumo Hosting operate under the following terms of service for all our services we offer. By using any of the services we offer, you agree to all the conditions throughout this page. This page may be modified at any time without prior notice.

By subscribing to any of the Services and opening an account with us, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions apply to all accounts. They set out the basis on which we offer our services and should be read carefully.

1. Customer Term
1.1 Customers of Sumo Hosting agree to the contractual period of their service when registering. Products and services are automatically renewed after this period and will continue to do so until the customer cancels their service.

2. Domain Registration, Renewal & Transfer
2.1 The customer acknowledges that Sumo Hosting are a reseller of domain names and not an accredited registrar. We may change who we use from time to time, to give our customers the best possible price.

2.2 Sumo Hosting does not guarantee that an application for a domain name will be approved. Customers are urged to wait until they have been informed by Sumo Hosting that their domain has been registered under their name before going any further.

2.3 The customer acknowledges that our system sends automated emails when a domain is due for renewal. This is not to be relied on and it is the customers responsibility to ensure their domain name does not expire. We will not renew the domain on your behalf.

2.4 It is the customers responsibility to ensure that their contact details for their domain are kept up to date at all times. Any breach of this may result in your domain registration being terminated.

2.5 Domain registrations or renewals may be declined by Sumo Hosting if a customer has breached any of the Terms of Service. This is wholly at Sumo Hosting Management's discretion. The customer acknowledges that Sumo Hosting may not be held liable for any cost that the customer may incur from their domain name application being declined or their domain being terminated.

2.6 The customer acknowledges that they will receive emails in regards to their domain registration. This is a part of the service and the emails will always be relevant to the services that the customer holds.

3. Data Integrity & Backups
3.1 Sumo Hosting run daily backups on our servers however these are not to be relied on. In the event of data loss (whatever the cause), it is always the customers responsibility to ensure they have a current backup of their data. Sumo Hosting will not be held liable for lost profits (direct or in-direct) or any other cost involved in data loss.

3.2 In the event of data loss where Sumo Hosting are at fault, backups will be restored for the customer free of charge. If Sumo Hosting do not have a suitable backup, the customer will be asked to provide this to us for restoration of their account to occur.

3.3 In the event of data loss where the customer is at fault, account restoration will be charged at $9.95/GB (of the backup file). As above, if Sumo Hosting do not have a suitable backup file, the customer will be asked to provide their own.

4. Local Laws
4.1 The customer acknowledges that they must abide by all Australian laws in regards to their content contained within their services.

4.2 Sumo Hosting do not allow any illegal content to be hosted on our service, including but not limited to, adult content, warez (illegal software) or any content that discusses illegal activities. If any account is found to be in breach of this, Sumo Hosting reserve the right to suspend the customers account pending investigation. The customers account may then be terminated and all data lost, without any prior notice to the customer.

4.3 Sumo Hosting reserve the right to investigate the content within a customers service if we believe any of the Terms of Service have been breached.

4.4 Sumo Hosting will always to their best to monitor our customers accounts but can not be held liable for any claims that arise from the content of the customers account or their activities within their account.

5. Support
5.1 Sumo Hosting offer many means of support. We will always do our best to ensure that customers are being assisted as quickly as possible. However, Sumo Hosting may not be held liable for any cost involved with delayed support time other than our Service Level Agreement.

5.2 Ticket support is provided free to all customers. However, the customer acknowledges that the higher the level of the hosting the customer purchases, the higher priority their request will receive.

5.3 The customer acknowledges that the phone support service is not available to personal hosting accounts (unless purchased separately). The service that Sumo Hosting offer is an answering service for the customer to leave a description of their support request. Customers are then asked to leave a land line number if possible for a Sumo Hosting representative to return calls on a priority basis. Customers are always encouraged to use the ticketing system available on our website for the less important request and the phone service only for high priority request.


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